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You might be wondering where is the gallery?-As you look through the website…..well here at Cupid in Ukraine we do not believe in the ‘gallery method’. In fact we do not believe in correspondence with clearly fake model pictures etc and in reality you could be talking to a man pretending to be a woman.

We believe in direct action…..so come to Kharkiv the second city of Ukraine and experience for yourself the charms and visual beauty of the city and the elegant women it has to offer.

Kharkiv is a University City and a city with over one million people living here- with a large student population. Ukrainian people are charming and in this city in particular highly educated. There is a plethora of activities to partake in from tennis, to horse riding to the exquisite night life.

We offer to show you this glorious city in all its splendour with an honest service and a rock bottom price. You may ask well I could come myself or with friends and explore the city- well you could, but without knowledge of the Russian language and the fact you are a foreigner will leave you confused and potentially fleeced (definitely by taxi drivers!).

Our service dedicates you a ‘Cupid’- male or female dependent on your preference who will be there from the first moment you arrive at Kharkiv Airport until the moment you leave. Our ‘Cupid’ will be your interpreter, your scheduler, your advisor and most importantly your medium to the beautiful ladies of Kharkiv by directing you to the places where they are and vouching for you once you have found the woman of your dreams.

This concept is unique compared to other services out there but I firmly believe that this will be the best and most honest way for you to find a soul mate in Ukraine. We do not guarantee this will be the case- we would be lying to say every customer has a success story in the love department- but we can guarantee that you have a fantastic time in Kharkiv!

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