About us

1)  We are an honest entity. We do not promise you the universe- just a great time in Kharkiv.

2)  Look around at other agencies- our prices are extremely competitive. We also offer rewards for referrals.

3)  If you are not satisfied at any time contact us at any point to let us know of your dissatisfaction.

4)  We not only aim to show you the best time but we will do our utmost to keep you safe and sound.

5)  We can help with your visa to Ukraine should you require it. Please check your countries visa relationship with Ukraine.

6)  Testimonials are on request.

7)  Our financial part of the organisation is based in London, UK so there is full protection on the money you pay us against scams/fraud.

8)  We do not say this is the ultimate and preferred method to meet your future soul mate. It may work for you or it may not- it depends on destiny in a sense. Should this method not yield the results you expect we would be happy to introduce you to a trusted marriage agency with a different methodology to our own that may work for you.