What To Do Next?

Once you have done your research and think this is the right moment, right city, and right agency pick from our two options below:
1)  7 days in Kahrkiv- £500 (this only pays for the service of our ‘Cupid’)
2)  10 days in Kahrkiv- £750 (this only pays for the service of our ‘Cupid’)

3) Let us know about yourself, your interests and what you are looking for. Let us also know if you prefer a male or female cupid to guide you.

4) Pick dates and find flights to Kharkiv. Once you know them let us know.

5) We can recommend hotels or confirm if the one you choose is sufficient. Honestly speaking there are great hotels in Kharkiv.

6) Once payment has been made to us via Bank Transfer, Paypal or Western Union Money Transfer at least 48 hours before you come- we will begin scheduling your stay.

7) You are in control- if you do not like an activity or want an activity added then please let our ‘Cupid’ know. They will be waiting for you at the airport!

8) Relax and enjoy the ‘Cupid in Ukraine’ experience! It is really as simple as that!